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Sun, Dec 23 2012

It is easiest for me to learn about things gradually. If I am interested in a new area I start following various blogs and people on Twitter who are engaged in that field. My usual approach is to follow every resource that I can discover. I always have the option to delete them from my feeds if they proove to be of no interest to me.

However, it is not always easy to discover these resources and I am always happy to find a good starting point. So I decided to share the resources that I find helpful for various fields. These links might seem obvious to people already interested in these areas, but I do hope that they will be helpful for someone new to the game.

Free free to leave suggestions in the comments if you think that I missed something important.




Hacker News
The Next Web
The Kernel
The Verge


Cult of Mac
Daring Fireball
Infinite Loop
Marco Arment

iOS Development

Cocoa Controls
Matt Gemmell
Mattt Thompson
Ole Begemann
Ray Wenderlich
Peter Steinberger
Sam Soffes
Tapbots Blog
The Powers of Observation

Software Engineering

Airbnb Tech Talks
High Scalability
Code as a Craft (Etsy Engineering Blog)
Instagram Engineering
Tumblr Engineering
Twitter Engineering
All Things Distributed
Highly Scalable Blog

Business / Startups / VC

PandoMonthly Fireside Chats
Fred Wilson (A VC)
Paul Graham: Essays
Brad Feld (Feld Thoughts)
Chris Dixon
Ben Horowitz
Marc Andreessen
Derek Sivers
Jason Goldberg
Signals vs. Noise by 37signals

UX / Design

Smashing Magazine
Web Design Ledger
Webdesigner Depot
Treehouse Blog
Tobias van Schneider
Well-Placed Pixels

Discovering Software

The Setup
Objective See

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